Begin Jogging

"There's Never A Better Time Than Now"

Let's walk (or jog!) the talk... begin jogging!

So you've explored the why, where, and when of jogging. And you've decided what to wear and what to bring. Now explore the how of jogging. Before you start jogging, check with your doctor first, especially if you have a medical condition.

Before you start jogging, do some warm up exercises.

This includes stretching various parts of your body, including muscles. Then start by walking a few hundred meters. Increase your walking speed before getting started jogging.

Start jogging by going slow for the first few hundred meters. Let your heart rate and breathing increase to a comfortable and manageable level. Then gradually increase the jogging speed. Maintain this pace for most of the session.

You should be sweating bullets by now! Slow down towards the end of the session, for a few hundred meters at least. Do not stop jogging abruptly. From a slow-jog, transit to a fast-walk. Let your heart rate and breathing return to normal gradually.

Feel and appreciate the after effects of jogging, including a jogging-high. This happens when your body releases endorphin, a natural neuro-chemical with analgesic properties, to relieve pain.

More useful tips:

I would recommend including a weekly session of Interval Training. It will help you increase cardiovascular endurance, build stamina and lose weight faster.

Don't forget to cool down by's how.

Running Technique--The Right Way to Run.

Mature beginners, please visit into forgotten potential and reinvent the rest of your life.

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