Jogging to De-Stress

"De-stress by Exercising"

Go jogging to de-stress after a long day at the office... or a long day of classes and exams... or a long day minding the toddler twins.

This is one great benefit of jogging. Use it as an activity to remove stress that have been building up, while improving overall health. It's easy, affordable, and doesn't take much time.

Here are some tips on jogging as a stress reliever:

1. Make time for jogging! Make a commitment to yourself. After all, it is for your own health benefit.

2. Leave work on time so that there is enough time to jog before dinner.

3. While jogging think about the events that are getting you all stressed out. Use this to propel your jogging pace a little quicker.

4. Then empty your thoughts midway through your jog and focus on your running, breathing, and stride.

5. As you move along, think positive thoughts and focus on the things you enjoy in this life, and visualize the solutions to problems that are causing the stress.

6. Towards the end of your jogging session, push a little faster and further. Feel yourself de-stressed at the end.

7. Appreciate and dwell on the effects of endorphin as you walk after the jog and let the heart rate and breathing return to normal.

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