Tips for an Evening Jog

"Do's and Don'ts when going for an Evening Jog"

I am not a morning person. Therefore, I prefer an evening jog.

If you find a morning jog a bit of a rush because you need to get the kids prepared for school, or you need extra time commuting to work, then an evening jog may be more suitable. Here are some tips for jogging in the evening:

1. Set aside enough time (one to one and a half hours) before dinner for jogging.

2. Bring your running gear with you if it is more convenient to jog before heading home from work. In this case you may be jogging in a gym or health club or in a park where it is on your way home.

3. Eat a good hearty meal for lunch because you will need the extra energy for your evening jog.

4. Otherwise, eat a power bar or drink a power beverage an hour before your run.

5. Use the time jogging to relax the mind after a long day at the office.

6. Wear reflective or white clothing if you will be jogging when the sun has set. This is so that you are visible to road users especially if part of your route involves street-jogging.

7. Have bottled water and some isotonic drink that you can consume after your jog. This will keep you hydrated when you are commuting back to your home.

8. If you still need to drive or commute back home after the jog, make sure you do not use every last bit of stregth and stamina. You wouldn't want to be unable to walk or drive yourself home!

9. On that point, you wouldn't want to have cramping leg muscles too. It's too dangerous to be driving that way. Have a banana ready with your bottled water in the car. Consume these before making your way home.

10. Have a change of clothes before heading home so that you stay dry and healthy. If you are just jogging around the block, make sure you shower after drying up to prevent bacteria build up.

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