"An important cornerstone of Getting Fit and Healthy"

Flexibility....Is it really necessary?


An inflexible body and limbs can cause untold problems, pain and injuries.

In order to increase your level of fitness and strength, flexibility should also be worked on so that joints are able to move fully.

Try yoga, pilates or just plain simple stretching exercises!

Benefits of Increased Flexibility.

1. Reduced lower back pain

As we grow older, we also become inflexible. Our muscles and joints tighten and weaken, it causes pain as tight muscles shrink over time and limits our movement.

We hear a lot of people complain about pain in their lower backs as they age and this can be solved easily enough by doing back stretching/back-bending exercises.

Be patient and do not give up. Just like everything else in life, it will take time to strengthen your back muscles and joints.

Word of Advice: If you are suffering from back pain, check with a doctor first before to rule out any injuries, slip discs or inflammation of the spine.

2. Reduced risk of general pain and injuries

As you become more flexible, you will also notice that that nagging pain disappearing and injuries reduced substantially. When your joints and muscles are more mobile, tears are reduced.

3. Greater mobility and movement

This is a given. I used to be able to only reach slightly pass my knees when I tried doing a toe-touch while standing up. Now after practising yoga for many years and constant stretching, I am finally able to grab my toes!

4. Relaxation

As you stretch, tighten, then release you will feel your muscles relaxing and elongating.

5.Other Flexibility Methods.

Apart from stretching, other methods of increasing flexibility are cross training and speed training. Speed Training allows your body to go through a full range of motions and promotes flexibility.

Cross-training is generally referred to sports or activities such as swimming, ellipse training, cross-country skiing. It is also important to do weight training as it strengthens muscles and increases flexibility.

6. The Cornerstone of Flexibility.

The five pillars are :

-- Calf Stretch

-- Lower back, hip, groin and hamstring stretch

-- Quadriceps stretch

-- Hamstring stretch

-- Shoulders and neck stretch.

For ideas on warm up exercises, please visit here.

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