Jogging As A
Fun Family Activity

"Fun family activity -- Jogging"

Everyone in the family can participate. Put the baby in a jogging stroller. Get your teenager to be healthier and more prepared for his Physical Education class in school. Go visit a park and reward yourselves with a nutritious picnic-snack after completing a rewarding jog around the park. Or jog around the neighborhood before going out for dinner and a movie together as a family.

There are many ways to enjoy jogging as a family. Here are some tips for jogging as a fun family activity:

1. Plan the jogging escapade early so that every family member can participate before they make other prior appointment.

2. Decide as family on where and when to go jogging. If a family member is not in agreement, decide to take up on his/her suggestion for the next family jogging outing. Everyone's view or suggestion has to be taken into consideration, otherwise it wouldn't be a fun activity anymore if the head of the family acts like a dictator!

3. Prepare the family's "reward" (such as the post-jogging picnic snack or dinner and movie reservation) early so as to avoid a last-minute rush to get things in order.

4. Do not forget to bring along the jogging stroller, change of clothing and diapers, water bottles, and other "family jogging items."

5. If the younger ones cannot keep up with your jogging pace, either split the family unit to two or decide to jog together as one unit. Remember, everyone has to enjoy this activity; it is not a running boot camp session!

6. Make targets to achieve together as a family, like the total running time, or the time it takes to complete running 5 laps around the block or 1 lap around the park.

7. Improve on this target during the next family jogging outing.

8. Make an invitation to other families, neighbors, friends, or relatives to join in the activity only if every family member agrees.

9. Make jogging a fun family activity when the family is away on holiday together. Decide to jog together on the beach or around the park when visiting another town or city. This will make the holiday more memorable.

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