Jogging for Heart Health

"Run, Run, Run for Heart Health and Great Arteries"

Cardiovascular exercise is must for everyone. It gets the heart pumping, tones your muscles, burns fat and releases those wonderful hormones called endorphin that gives a feel-good feeling. What a great way to get healthy!

There are so many different ways to achieve cardiovascular fitness and maintain heart health including brisk walking, swimming, high-impact sports, aerobics and of course, running and jogging.

So you've decided jogging/running is the way to go. Jogging may not prevent you from having a heart attack especially if you have a pre-existing condition but it can sure improve and strengthen your heart muscles.

A regular jogging and running routine coupled with a balanced diet will not only give you that healthy glow, it will do wonders for your heart and entire cardiovascular system.

It gets your heart pumping, exercises your heart muscles and as a result, your heart gets stronger. Yes you read correctly, your heart is a muscle. Just like other muscles, it benefits from exercise.

Running is actually better than other exercises as your heart pumps stronger and more efficiently. Your arteries are also keep clear, open and it works at

What else happens when you run?

1. Your arteries remain elastic thus keeping your blood pressure low. Elastic arteries ensures blood will flow with ease through your arteries and your blood pressure remains at a healthy low.

Lack of cardiovascular exercise stiffens arteries which in turn, makes it difficult for blood to flow through and this eventually causes a rise in pressure.

So to avoid that and maintain optimum heart health, hit the tracks!

2. Running works your heart better than most other cardiovascular exercise. Your heart will work harder, more efficiently while your arteries are kept open and working at optimum level.

3. This high energy exertion will result in your lungs working at their full potential as more oxygen is required.

Your body is challenged at its utmost when you run. Your heart pumps blood through your body while your lung capacity is increased with every breath. Your body regains its power, vitality, strength and stamina. As a result, you get fitter, healthier and leaner.

Great way to ward off all those horrible lifestyle diseases as we age. So what are you waiting for, get an all-clear from the doctors and start running!

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