Jogging to Increase Stamina

"This is how to use jogging to increase stamina"

When I was in my early teen, I had Tae-Kwon-Do and Tennis lessons every weekend. These two activities required physical strength and stamina.

To increase stamina, I went jogging at least twice during the weekday.

But no matter what your game or sport is, you are a more effective player with more stamina. In fact, jogging complements sports like basketball, tennis, soccer, squash etc which require a lot of continuous or stop-start running.

Here are some jogging tips to increase stamina:-

1. Know and "measure" your distance-comfort-zone.

This is the distance you can run comfortably before you absolutely have to slow down to a crawling pace or stop running completely.

It's easy to measure this if you are running around the track or running around your block. Otherwise, choose a fixed jogging route each time you jog and see how far you can comfortably go.

2. Note the amount of time you took to achieve that distance.

Use a stopwatch. Some 400m track and field have a scoreboard with the clock display. Use this if necessary.

3. Gradually increase the distance that you run week by week.

For example, if your comfort zone is 2 kilometers or 2000 meters (or 5 times around the track), increase the distance by another lap. This will be your "new" distance for the week.

Do not rush this, nor be over-eager to achieve this if you face difficulties. Even increasing the distance by half a lap is good enough. Soon you will see yourself running 3 or 4 kilometers without much problems.

4. Improve your time running this new distance.

Again, you are not racing with anyone so do not push too hard and risk unnecessary injury.

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