What to Wear: Tips on
Jogging Apparel and Footwear

"Correcting Your Jogging Form"

Choose functional, practical, and comfortable jogging apparel. Whether they make you look good should be second in priority.

Remember, you will be moving those arms and legs about while working up a good sweat. So pick high cotton content jogging outfits, including socks, that can absorb sweat well. Also, your jogging clothes should not restrict your movements.

I live in a country that's hot and humid all year round. So, my jogging apparel is simply t-shirt, shorts, a thick pair of socks, and cross-trainers. In a colder climate you may need to wear a jogging suit to keep your arms and legs warm.

If your sweat-shirt does not come with a hood, wear a head warmer or ski hat. Apart from the head, you can keep your ears warm this way too.

If you find jogging pants a little too "flappy" when you run, but still need to keep your legs warm, wear jogging tights underneath your shorts. If your legs are thin and do not fill up the pants, those trousers tend be resist wind and flap around annoyingly as you are striding.

On the other hand, look for plus size jogging suits if those old sweat-shirt and pants are restricting your jogging stride. You must be able to swing your arms and legs with little or no resistance from your outfit.

What if your jogging time is when it is dark outside? Wear reflective jogging outfits for your safety especially if your jogging route is on streets or off-pavements. You need to be seen by road users to avoid getting knocked down accidentally.

Wear shorts or jogging pants with deep or zipped pockets to keep your house or car keys secure. If you need to carry more items, use a pouch-bag that you can secure around your waist.

If you mind sweat running down your face and neck, bring a face towel along or consider using a headband. Give yourself a good wipe every now and then and after jogging. Or leave this bit of your jogging apparel with a change of clothes in your car or gym locker. Wipe yourself dry and change to dry clothes before journeying home.

When it comes to footwear, use proper running shoes. They are light, have flexible soles, absorb shock, and are purpose-built! I opt for cross-trainers as I can use them for both tennis and jogging.

If you're a woman, underneath, wear jogging bras or sports bras that give firm, adequate support. Make sure the straps do not "eat" into your flesh. Make sure that you wear the right type of clothing before you begin to ensure comfort.

For the guys, the undies need to be comfy, not restrictive, and please... not loose like those old worn out expanded ones! Those belong in the trash.

Tie your hair up so that they don't become a distraction. Consider items like hairband, headband, bandana, and hair-clips.

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