Jogging Equipment

"What to Bring:
Jogging Equipment and Accessories"

My must-have jogging equipment is a wristwatch with an integrated stopwatch function. I just need to know how long I have been jogging. It also helps me pace myself.

What if you have a baby but no sitter to watch him while you go for your jog? No problem, just put him in a jogging stroller. He or she gets some sunshine and a change of moving-scenery while you get your exercise!

Other must-have jogging equipment and accessories these days are the MP3 player and the ipod. Some joggers just need music on the go. These music players are much lighter and more practical than their predecessors -- the walkman CD and cassette players.

And when you have those mobile music players, you might need suitable jogging headphones. So one jogging equipment may add to another. I prefer not to have distractions and to jog light.

How about those bunch of keys and wallet or purse? Use a pouch-bag if your pocket isn't deep enough or cannot be secured with zippers.

Wear a pair of sunglasses, that grips well and does not fall off the face, if the sun is shining very brightly. Early mornings and late evenings are popular jogging times; the sun is lower and depending on your jogging direction, the rays may be too glaring and blinding for comfort.

If you are wearing prescription glasses, make sure they secured with a band. Many people switch to soft contact lens before engaging in their favorite sports. Consider wearing contact lenses.

Use a heart rate monitor to measure your pulse rate. This equipment is especially useful in comparing current and previous fitness levels and general health condition. It's much easier than trying to count your pulse while looking at the watch while jogging!

For safety, bring along pepper spray especially if your jogging route is part of a bad neighborhood or if there are quiet and dark areas in the jogging park where mugging may occur.

When it comes to my mobile phone, I leave it behind.

My half hour jogging sessions are precious and I treasure some peace and quiet while my mind relaxes or does some thinking. Use your own discretion in this case. These days cell phones are small and light and can fit snugly in the pocket or pouch-bag.

Have you tried the Nordic Walking Pole? Nordic Walking Poles are used to increase upper body strength. It has the same effect as skiing as the arms are moved in sync with each step you take.

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