Jogging for Weight Loss

"Tips -- Jogging for weight loss"

Know the amount of calories burned jogging -- it is roughly 1000 calories per hour.

When I was 12, my overweight classmate, Joe, lost so much weight during the 7-week year-end school holidays. When school resumed, everyone was very surprised to see how much weight he had lost. I asked, "What did you do?" He said, "I went jogging...."

Here are some tips on jogging for weight loss:

1. Keep a record -- weigh yourself and write it down in your "jogging journal" before going on this simple jogging-to-lose-weight programme.

Also, write down the jogging day, distance, and duration after the end of each jogging day. Record your weight at the end of each week.

2. Jog at least 3 times a week with a day (or two) of rest in between jogging days.

3. Calorie Intake -- Maintain your usual food or calorie intake for the first week. Then reduce your food intake gradually week by week to a healthy level.

4. Increase distance. -- Increase your jogging distance gradually each week.

5. Reduce the time taken to achieve that same distance for that particular week.

What you are doing is increasing the amount of calories burnt while decreasing the amount of calorie intake up to a healthy level.

Do this slow and steadily to allow your body to adjust to changes.

The effect is two-fold -- Instead of just exercising or just dieting, do both, but at safe levels. See the progress in your jogging journal and be proud of it!

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