Jogging In Place

"Jogging in Place --If you're too lazy to leave home"

Jogging is something you can do almost anywhere. By jogging in place, you don't need to leave home. This is especially useful if the weather is terrible outside and not conducive for jogging.

I jog in place in the privacy of my own room. Believe me, you can work up a sweat so have your towel handy!

The next time it is raining or snowing really hard outside, fret not -- go jogging in place. Here are some tips you can use:

1. Put a place mat or small foot rug on your running spot so that you don't wear out your expensive Persian rug!

2. Lift your knees to waist height or higher to work the leg muscles harder.

3. Swing your arms so that your "running motion" is natural. This also gives a good workout to your arms and shoulders.

4. Since you are indoors, turn on some good, fast-paced music and run to its rhythm and beat.

5. Don't answer phone calls! Let the answering machine do its job. Keep to your jogging pace and eliminate all forms of distraction.

6. Inform whoever's at home beforehand that you do not want to be interrupted for the next 20 or 30 minutes while you exercise.

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