Jogging on the Beach

"Jogging on the Beach while enjoying sun & surf"

The beach is a great place to go jogging; however, many of us do not live near the beach. But many of us do go to the beach while on vacation or on weekends.

So pack those running shoes with you the next time you go on a beach holiday! Or jog bare-foot if the beach is sandy and clean with no sharp seashells or debris. Enjoy the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean or freshwater lake, and the cool breeze.

Here are some tips for jogging on the beach:

1. Wear running shoes unless you know very well there aren't any risks of objects injuring your feet.

2. Jog closer to the water where the sand is compact and firm. The dry, loose sand further away from the water-line may cause ankle injury.

3. Turn around half way, otherwise you will have a long way to walk back when you are done jogging. For example, if you decide to jog for 20 minutes, turn around when you have completed 10 minutes of jogging.

4. If you are jogging alone, make sure there are other people on the beach and there are no secluded stretches where you may be attacked for any reason. Think of your safety first and foremost.

5. If there are secluded stretches, bring along pepper spray and a baton for your safety.

6. Make sure there is enough daylight time to complete the jogging on the beach. Most beaches are not lighted up unless there is a row of beach-front hotels where minimal lighting is present.

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