Where To Jog:
from Jogging Parks to Treadmills....

"Jogging Parks -- Jog wherever you want, it's stress-free and gives you a feel-good rush of well-being and good health!"

You can jog almost anywhere. Do it at jogging parks or jogging tracks on a cruise. You can even go jogging on the beach while on vacation or jogging in the snow on a cold winter's day!

It depends on what you find appealing. You may find a flat terrain boring and unchallenging.

Therefore, instead of jogging around the block or around a track and field, you may choose hilly jogging parks.

It may depend on how much time you have on your hands. If you don't have 2 hours to spare, go jogging around the block. Follow up with a quick shower afterwards -- it wouldn't even take an hour.

My personal favorite is jogging around the track. Click and see why.

If you don't even want to leave home or if the weather does not permit, you can:

1. go jogging in-place

2. jog up and down the stairs
3. jog in your home gym -- jogging on treadmill

Jog where it is appropriate under your circumstance. If the whole family is coming along, a park with a play yard where your spouse can keep an eye on the little one is most appropriate.

There is always a suitable "where" when it comes to jogging. What about a suitable "when?"

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