Proper Jogging Shoes.

"Jogging Shoes: The Life And Sole Of Jogging"

A pair of jogging shoes is a must for me when I jog outdoors. Protect your feet and prevent unnecessary injury. Wear running shoes or cross trainers.

A short jog is usually a part of warming up before playing games like basketball, tennis, squash, volleyball etc. So you can also jog with those purpose built court shoes.

But wear proper running shoes for extended running times. Their soles are more flexible, they are made lighter, and they have better cushioning to absorb shock.

Here are some tips on jogging shoes:

1. Wear a pair of sports socks to absorb sweat, prevent blisters, and to give added protection to both feet and shoes. The shoe's inner sole will wear out faster without socks. Furthermore, bacteria will grow and multiply in the inner sole if it's damp with sweat. This makes your shoes stink!

2. Let your shoes dry in a well ventilated area after you jog, before storing them.

3. Leave at least on day in between jogs for the shoes to maintain their form, and for you to recuperate.

4. Make sure they are the right size! There should be a gap the width of your thumb at the front, when you put on the shoes with socks. Make sure the shoes aren't too narrow for the feet. Try on other shoe models or brands if they don't fit right.

5. Do not lace up too tightly or your feet will hurt by the time you run a few hundred meters.

6. For your safety, buy a new pair before the soles are absolutely and completely worn.

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