Suitable Jogging Suits!

"Jogging Suits -- Wear Proper Attire"

Jog in comfort when it is cold outside -- wear jogging suits because summer doesn't last forever!

In the tropics you can jog in t-shirts and shorts all year round. But if you experience a season change, wear a men's or women's jogging suit to keep warm.

Here are some tips:

1. Get the size right. If they are a size too small because you have grown either sideways or upwards, your movement will be restricted. You need to be able to move your arms and legs freely.

2. Use dri-fit attire especially in warm weather. It ensures sweat dry fast & you do not get a chill. Dri-fit material and attire are widely available in all sports stores.

3. A top that comes with a hood is useful to keep your head warm and to counter a wind-chill. See if you have this, otherwise you can use a head warmer or ski hat for cold mornings.

4. Zipper pockets, either in the top or the pants or both, are very practical indeed. Most of us need to carry keys or some cash and ID with us. These pockets make sure the items stay in all the time.

5. Wear a light-colored suit when it is dark outside to be easily spotted by road users especially if the jogging route includes off-pavement streets.

6. Alternatively, user reflective sticker tapes and stick these on vertically on the front and back of your top. Otherwise, buy reflective suits if you frequently jog in the dark.

7. Keep these practical features in mind when shopping. The branded Adidas or Nike jogging suit may or may not have the features you need so shop wisely. Remember that looking good is secondary when it comes to jogging outfits.

8. Check the labels properly -- know that these clothing items may shrink a little after the first washing and drying cycle. Dark colors may bleed in the wash too.

9. Toddlers grow up fast. It's OK to buy a toddler's suit that's a little larger than his or her current size. This way their clothing lasts a little longer.

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