When Is The Best Jogging Time?

"So you've decided where to jog. Now decide when!"

There's always a suitable jogging time. You can jog early in the morning before going to work. I like to do it in the evening before dusk.

Find time to jog at least twice during the weekday. Make time to jog on weekends when you do not have work commitments. Bring your running shoes when you go away on vacation.

Do not clash meal times with your jogging time. Begin jogging at least three hours after a full meal. Wait at least one and a half hours if you had a light meal.

Jogging can also be part of a warm up exercise for many kinds of sports. In this case, jogging is not the main activity. So a short and slow jog will suffice -- you need the bulk of your stamina and strength for the main event!

But the best time of all is before you develop health problems! Prevention is better than cure. So start jogging while you are still healthy.

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