Where to Jog: Jogging Trails In Parks

"Jogging Trails and Parks"

I always prefer to jog around the 400m running tracks. However, jogging trails in parks make a good alternative to running around and around the tracks or neighborhood blocks as these can be monotonous and unexciting after a while.

A park's jogging trail terrain usually include little uphills and downhills. Some of the hilly portion can be quite challenging. If you are new to the park's trail, the unpredictable terrain should be welcoming indeed.

The park's landscape is usually quite beautiful with shady trees, lakes and ponds. It can definitely be a refreshing change if you have only been jogging around your neighborhood block or the running track all these while.

Here are some tips on jogging in parks:

1. Choose a park that has playgrounds or a play yard for little kids if you are out with the family. Kids prefer these than tagging behind you especially when they can't keep up!

2. Jog during "popular hours" when there are other people walking or running in the park. This reduces the risk of being harassed or mugged. Big parks usually have more than one dark and secluded spot where bad-hats can hide and pounce on their un-suspecting prey, so be cautious.

3. Jog when it is bright outside. Think of your safety first.

4. Bring pepper spray along if you know there are quiet stretches that are unsafe in the park. Make sure your pocket is deep enough or secured with a zipper so that the pepper spray does not fall out and become a nuisance.

5. Jog with a friend or partner to be safe.

6. Budget enough time if you live some distance away. Take traveling time into account so that you are not rushed when indulging in your favorite exercise activity!

7. If you are new to the park's jogging trail, make a survey beforehand. Lookout for hazardous stretches or optional routes that you may fancy. Make a mental note of things so that your jogging session will be smooth and hassle free.

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