Tips for an Early Morning Jog

"Start your day with an early morning jog. It's healthy and wise"

Get your heart pumping and increase your blood circulation early in the day. Keep your mind sharp and focused for the day's upcoming challenge. Here are some tips when you are jogging in the morning:

1. Be sure to wake up earlier than usual. You do not want to mess up your day's schedule.

2. Wear reflective or white clothing if it is still dark outside so that you are visible to road users. This is especially if part of your route involves street-jogging.

3. Plan your day while jogging. Remind yourself what needs to be done on that day.

4. Do not push yourself too hard. You still have to go through the rest of the day. You do not want aching or cramping muscles while commuting to work!

5. Eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Replace the salt and mineral used. Eat a whole potassium-rich fresh and ripe banana to prevent muscle cramps.

6. Make sure you shower after jogging to prevent bacteria from building up. Take care of your personal hygiene!

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