Round and Round
the Running Tracks

"Running Tracks -- Great way to track your Speed"

When I go jogging I want to know how far I've been running. Therefore I fancy 400m running tracks. Here I can time and pace myself to achieve what I had targeted.

The flat terrain also minimizes injury risk. The wide 8 lanes ensure that there are no bottlenecks that disrupt my running pace. Because there are usually other people around, the running track is quite a safe place.

Those are my main reasons why I prefer the track.

Here are some tips you can use when jogging around the track and field:

1. Keep track of the number of laps you've achieved by starting on the outermost lane.

Switch to the next lane after each lap. When you've completed running on all 8 lanes, you know you've completed 8 laps. You can also start from the innermost lane and make your way "out" after each lap.

2. The distance you've run is roughly 400 meters times the number of laps.

For example if you completed 5 laps, your distance ran is 400m x 5 = 2000 meters or about 1.25 miles.

3. One mile is approximately 1.6km or 1600 meters or 4 laps around the track.

Check the time you take to complete 4 laps or 1 mile. That is roughly your pace per mile. For example I am comfortable doing 9mins/mile which is quite an easy-going pace.

4. Set a distance-target before you start jogging.

This motivates you to complete what you want to achieve for that session.

5. Set a duration-target to complete your distance-target.

This will help you maintaining your pace. For example if you want to complete 8 laps in 15 minutes, make sure you are do each lap under 2 minutes.

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