Starting Jogging

"Starting Jogging -- Begin with a walk as it conditions your leg and heart muscles, and lets them ease into the activity."

Walk a few hundred yards before you start jogging. Consider walking as part of warming up. Walking conditions your leg and heart muscles prior to jogging, especially when walking at a fast pace.

This way your body does not get a sudden shock of increased activity. Rather, the transition from walking to jogging is smooth and manageable. Here are some tips when starting jogging:

1. Start walking at normal pace.

2. This is a good time to notice your surrounding. Be aware of anything or anyone suspicious.

3. Increase the pace gradually until a "speed-walking" pace.

4. Notice how your heart rate, breathing, and the general condition of the legs and feet are keeping up.

5. Slow down or stop to check for abnormalities. Sometimes you may need to adjust your socks or shoe laces, and this is the best time to do so.

6. Start jogging at a slow pace, similar to the speed-walking pace.

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