The Stopwatch

"Stopwatch -- Start Measuring Your Running Duration"

Time to get serious about this activity -- use the stopwatch function on your wristwatch to see the duration you have been running.

If you are jogging around a running track, see how long it takes to complete a certain number of laps. Have you been clocking better times?

On the other hand, see how many laps you can complete over a fixed time of say 15 or 20 minutes. Have you been running quicker? In other words are you covering more distance than before?

Here are some tips:

1. It is best to have the stopwatch function on your wristwatch. Wearing it on your wrist makes sure it stays firmly on you.

2. Avoid bringing the handheld stopwatch that Physical Education teachers use -- you know the ones that hang around your neck. Can you imagine something more annoying than a heavy necklace-thing that bounces around the chest when you are running!

3. Use the "lap" function after completing each lap around the track for a mental observation of your performance.

4. Start the timer when you start jogging, and subsequently stop the timer after you have slowed down towards the end your jogging session.

5. Do not re-set your clocked time -- log your time in a log-book when you get home. See how you are improving over the weeks.

6. If you intend to re-set it, memorize the time, then write it down when you get home.

7. Use a wristwatch with plastic straps rather than leather as sweat will absorb into the leather and produce an odour.

8. A wristwatch with back-lit function helps you see the display when jogging in the dark.

9. Familiarise yourself with the start/stop, re-set and lap buttons if you have never used it before. This beats you figuring the buttons out when you are already out there on the field.

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