Treadmill Running

"The convenience of treadmill running -- Builds Concentration and Mental Alertness"

Treadmills are a great way to put in a couple of hours when the weather is not looking good or it's too late to run or jog outside.

I like to vary my training and jogging sessions with outdoor jogs and treadmill running. Treadmill running gives me added peaceof mind as I do not need to be wary of my surroundings. I concentrate better and can monitor my runs a lot better.

It also helps me pace my jogs better as it is an even surface. If you do not have the advantage of hills in your neighbourhood, treadmill running gives you that convenience at a touch of a button. Easy!

I do a 30 minutes run on average on the Treadmill. I like to vary my workouts so I do cardio options one day and hill options on another day. The great thing about treadmill running you can lower or increase the elevation and speed whenever you want. Instant hills at your fingertips!

Benefits of Training


When I have to work late and cannot hit the nearby park before dark, I do my training on the Treadmill. Treadmills are so popular and convenient, gyms and recreational centres have rows of them.

All decent hotels have treadmills in their gym too and it helps to maintain your fitness levels when traveling for work or leisure.

But, as treadmills are very popular, there is usually a 20 minute cut-off time during peak hours at gyms. So vary your cardio workout by using the bicycle or the cross trainer after the 20 minute limit.

Bad weather? Hit the Treadmill!

I live in tropical country. When it is not hot and humid, the monsoon strikes. So there are some months at a stretch when it is just not a good idea to jog outside.

Running in the heat causes dehydration fast and tires the runner out very easily as energy levels fall at a fast rate. The pounding sun doesn't help either.

When you run indoors on a treadmill, you can control the temperature. If it is hot outside, put on the air conditioning on low, open the windows or put a fan nearby to cool you down.

Pollution and traffic fumes from running outdoors are also eliminated.

If it is snowing outside, it is also a better option to do your running on a Treadmill indoors. You will have better footing and will able to run faster. There is no need to worry about sliding and falling in the slippery wet conditions outside.

Prevention of Injuries

Some people run or jog exclusively on a treadmill. Treadmills give you better shock-absorption and produces less pounding than running on a pavement or the streets.

It also reduces risks of injuries as it is an even surface, no dips, or hidden holes, slants and broken pavements that could cause misery and pain.


If you have a treadmill at home, great! It makes getting fit and healthy that much more easier. You can watch the news while you run, mind the kids and just fit in a 20 minute run between errands or before going to work.

No more excuses for not having time to exercise!

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