A Must Before Jogging:
The Warm Up Exercise

"Best Tips for Warm Up Exercise"

Do a range of good warm up exercises should include stretching and a brisk walk before starting the jog. This 10 to 15 minute activity is time well spent as it prevents jogging injuries.

I usually do the stretching exercise in the comfort of my own home. What's left then is to walk a few hundred yards before jogging when I am outside.

Here are some jogging warming up tips:-

1. Stretch and loosen almost every part of your body starting from your head down to your feet, not just your legs!

2. This include your neck, shoulders, arms, waist, and abdomen for the upper-body.

3. For the lower-body, stretch and loosen your hamstrings, calf and thigh muscles, knee joint, ankles, and hips.

4. If you are doing stretching indoors, find a spot with enough room to swing your arms freely, to lie down if you want to do sit-ups, to stretch your legs if you are doing leg splits.

5. When you are done stretching and conditioning, start walking at a normal pace and gradually increase to a speed-walking pace. Take your time doing this. You may require a few hundred meters before you actually start jogging, initially at slow speed.

7. Warming up must be a part of jogging, so allocate enough time for "jogging" as a whole.

8. Do not be lazy and omit this important aspect of jogging. otherwise it is better not to jog and risk injury.

Note: Mind your personal belongings when you are doing the warm up exercise outdoors.

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